Since 1981, Lleida’s Municipal Drama School has been the city’s centre for teaching drama, providing classes for those interested in becoming a professional in the field as well as for those who want to do it for fun. The Drama School is unique: it offers drama classes to children from the age of 3 as well as to adults, and it believes in excellence, passion, talent and imagination by creating a facilty for people to experiment, create and develop all round in.



Lleida’s Municipal Drama School must be an institution that is dedicated to teaching drama to both those who want to enjoy doing theatre for the pleasure of it and those who want to become professionals in the field.


To set an example in the teaching of performing arts right from the early stages of learning.


Competent Professionals
We aim to offer the citizens of Lleida the knowledge, experience, competence, professionalism, diligence, teamwork and generosity of our professional teachers in order to achieve a series of common objectives.


Social and ethic commitment
The drama school has a commitment with the citizens of Lleida and its professional teachers, by taking into consideration the needs of the environment, whether they be social or personal, as well as providing a sense of loyalty and belonging to the institution.


Prioritise diversity and personal growth in our students
Lleida’s Municipal Drama School wishes to be a place where people have a good time, where they enjoy themsleves, meet people and are happy. But at the same time, via the Performing Arts, it wishes to to contribute to our pupils’ personal growth by promoting values such as dedication, self-improvement, commitment and development.

We believe that via the various workshops on offer extremely necessary life-skills can be learnt, like developing communication skills, being able to find solutions to problems in a creative way, or knowing how to listen to and work with others.


Continuous improvement and innovation
Our aim is to continue working on the elaboration of the Drama School’s own teaching methods, which have known how to find a balance between pedagogy and artistic creation. Furthermore, to foster creativity and experimentation, as we consider that advancement in the learning process and improvement are achieved in institutions where risks are taken to break pre-established models.



  • To create a model of teaching that promotes training actors, both those who do it for fun as well as those who wish to become professionals in the field.

  • To foster artístic sensitivity amongst the pupils

  • To contribute to the integral development of a person via the promotion and creation of values associated with the institution itself.

  • To train professionals in the Performing Arts

  • To encourage debate on drama being included in the compulsory or formal education system in this country