The Drama School offers secondary schools in the city, where theatre is a crosscurricular subject, the opportunity to have some fieldwork experience in the world of theatre.

This fieldwork experience is based on providing the students with the tools they need to create a show that will be performed at the end of the process. Furthermore, these tools enable the students to acquire values that will make them people who are able to intervene in an active and critical way in society and develop the necessary knowledge, capacity, abilities and attitude for personal growth.

The different groups from the secondary school will work together to create a show. Each subgroup will perform a part, passage or act of the final show.



Secondary schools. The play done will depend on the participants’ age.

25 hours divided among 4 or 5 school days, from 9am to 2pm. On the last day in the afternoon the show will be performed at the L’Escorxador Municipal Theatre.

PRICE: 40€ per pupil



  • To understand the importance of respecting each other and accepting each other the way they are.
  • To put into practice linguistic communicative competences whilst working on the text and correcting the reading of it, taking into account intonation, dramatic pauase, rhythm or intensity, amongst other things.
  • For the pupil to show initiative whilst creating characters using a minimum of guidelines;  use of movement and gestures as well as speech.
  • To understand and make use of improvisation techniques as a creative tool.
  • To be sure of the fact that working as a group is the key to success.
  • To gain as detailed knowledge as possible of the play being worked on.
  • To get young people to know about cultural theatre and to introduce them to this world, via which they can find answers for many of their own concerns and acquire analytical skills.

extracurricular activities

At the Drama School we believe that theatre is an educational tool which has no boundaries, due to the wide variety of aspects that are worked on. Hence, we believe it is of utmost importance for children to have the opportunity to do drama as from an early age.

The aim of the Drama School’s workshops is to get the children to play together and to stimulate creativity. Theatrical play, like all games, has its established rules, and it is from these that theatrical creativity can start to take form.



Pre-school centres, primary and secondary schools in the city of Lleida, with pupils aged between 3 and 18.

From October to May. Timetable to be decided on at each school. The drama classes will be held at the schools themselves and the final performance will take place at the L’Escorxador Municipal Theatre.



  • You get to know your own body and voice.
  • You have the opportunity to consciously play and experiment with what your body and voice can do.
  • You learn to transmit a feeling to the audience, create a character or play with emotions.
  • You become more sociable and responsible, due to the fact the drama is working as a group and everyone has to take on a role or some responsibility in that group.
  • You channel your creative potential into expressing yourself in an artistic way, thus you lose your inhibitions and allow your body and mind to become freer.
  • Drama boosts your self-esteem and betters your self-image.