“We aren’t born a spectator, we become one” –This is the premise that Introduction for Theatregoers is based on, as it tries to create awareness of art and culture insofar as it constitutes a key element just as much in a child’s or teenager’s education as in an adult’s. In this activity we wish to develop the spectator’s imagination, awaken awareness and encourage critical thinking, whilst taking a close look at the performing art and its language, genres, sign systems, rules and styles.



Introdution for Theatregoers wishes to contribute to the process in which members of an audience become active spectators, with their own capacity to choose a show and make a critical analysis, as well as acquire an interest in culture in general.

At the same time, it wishes to make this an experience in which those taking part can take a closer physical and intellectual look at all the interwoven threads in a theatre project. An environment where you can talk to the directors, playwrights and other theatremakers so as to get to know the creative processes involved in a show. All this is done in order to avoid the feeling of passivity when watching a show from a comfortable theatre seat.


Introdution for Theatregoers is aimed at the Drama School students and all those people who are interested in being more than just a member of the audience.


To familiarise pupils with the cultural resources in the vicinant

To discover the world of artistic creation

To get to know and understand the codes in a live performance

To promote the ability to read and analyse the sign systems and content in a show.