They say that every 7 years begins a new stage. If so, this is the beginning of a new one in the Aula Municipal de Teatre de Lleida. The first 35 years have brought experience, trajectory and a way of understanding, making and living the theater, both from the pedagogical and artistic point of view.

In these new times, we had to unfold the school in two pedagogical directions with Mercè Ballespí at the head of the Certificate of Higher Education (CHE), and Mireia Teixidó directing all the rest: children's theater, young people, adults...

The school has been consolidated as a pedagogical reference in the theater field and now it presents a new challenge: the internationalization of both artistic and educational projects.

In addition, due to the large number of students, activities, and proposals, our school became too small. That could be a handicap, but also a reason of joy and a new opportunity. The school needs new spaces to continue growing. There is no roof for us if we have the tools and the power to continue our work. We believe, with humility, that it is a pride that Lleida could enjoy a school like the Aula.

Thanks to all the team, the students and the great family that trusts us. If we continue doing a good job, and we take care of each other, l'Aula will continue bearing fruit.