Aula Social

The “Applied Theatre” Project came about with the intention of enabling all social groups and communities to do drama, especially those at risk of exclusion.

The Drama School has always received requests from these groups and we have always welcomed them as far as we could, but never before in a structured way or with any established objectives.

During the 2014-2015 school year we decided that situation had to change, so we started to draw up an “Applied Theatre” Project, an initiative that arose due to our wish to give the best possible response to social needs in our city in the best way we know how, theatre.

The “Applied Theatre” Project has two purposes. Firstly, to provide teachers, social workers and those who work with marginalised groups the instruments, knowledge and mechanisms to be able to use the performing arts in their group dynamics and daily activities. Secondly, to offer drama classes and acting workshops to groups who are looking for an artistic way to develop positive feelings and personal improvement.